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Lead Performance/Vocal Coach

Yaminah is an eclectic vocalist who has been performing on stage since she was 7yo. She began competing in singing competitions at age 8. While in jr. high/high school she was asked to sing for various sporting/community events at school and around town. She also became a vocal coach in 2013.

In 2014, Yaminah Sings released her initial single "No Words, Just Waves". In 2019 she signed with NY/LA Records and released several solo and duet projects.

Yaminah has been the lead vocalist with Pamoja and ReSoul. Bands based in Wilmington. She has also performed on stages in Dallas, TX, Norfolk, VA and Wilmington, NC. She graduated with a degree in vocal performance from VWU Dec 2021. Her most recent independent projects were released January/July 2022. She is also a praise team leader.

March 2023 Yaminah is now a core performer at Busch Gardens.


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Guitar/Piano/Violin Teacher

 I’m a Wilmington native and alumni of Hoggard High School. I attended UNC Greensboro where I graduated with a BM in Jazz Performance from the Miles Davis Jazz Studies program. My primary instrument is guitar but I’m also an avid choral singer. I also have a background in Drums, Piano, Bass, and Violin among others. One of my favorite hobbies outside music is table tennis, which I originally picked up from my dad. Excited to be teaching at Star-Studded Voices!



Owner/Director/ Vocals Coach

I have sung or played several instruments since I was a child. I have performed and recorded with a variety of gospel choirs. I was Yaminah Sings first voice coach. I am a teacher, owner, manager, and confidence builder.



Musician/Producer of Legacy Entertainment

Christopher is one who has had a love affair with music since he was a child but didn't take it serious enough to begin making it his craft until 12 years old. Christopher's parents purchased his first drum set for him Christmas of 1989 because his mother got tired of him beating on everything else with drum sticks that had no drum set to accompany them! Two years later, he found himself playing drums for his church after much anticipation to do so!
During his college years, Christopher began taking the keys serious and developed a personal method and approach to piano that made him proficient after only 6 months of lessons.
In the year 2000, Christopher had three dreams about playing bass (though he didn't know how) driving him to finally purchase one and learned Hezekiah Walker's "HOW MUCH WE CAN BARE" verbatim the same day he received the bass he ordered! That same year, he embarked upon the musical journey of becoming a PRODUCER, culminating in producing STELLAR AWARD wining material and a CAROLINA MUSIC AWARD recipient.
Christopher Marcellus has a love for music that spans being a live and session musical, vocal arranger, and producer and now music instructor, giving knowledge back to those that now also share his same passion.

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